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In collaboration with program partners A Window Between Worlds provides healing art interventions with adults and children impacted by trauma and abuse. 

Adult’s Windows and Children's Windows programs provide a safe, gentle, and effective process that allows individuals to express and release feelings, process traumatic experiences, enable post-traumatic growth and increase resiliency. Through the art experience, participants gain a greater sense of themselves, find their voice and develop hope and vision for a healthy future. 

Survivor's Art Circle 
Survivors wishing to use art as a healing tool outside of the shelter setting inspire one another and share their art, experiences and discoveries in hands-on workshops and an online newsletter.

AWBW provides comprehensive training and ongoing program support to shelter staff and volunteers wishing to lead art workshops for adults and children survivors. No prior art experience is necessary for our training, which includes hands-on experiences of the art process and discussion of leadership techniques.

AWBW's exhibitions and socially engaged art projects raise awareness about violence and trauma by unveiling the strength, hope and pride of survivors so abuse will no longer remain a painful secret.

AWBW's art programs help survivors to take important steps in their journey toward healing through:

Expressing Feelings
"Thank you for helping me reach my feelings that were hidden for so long. For the first time in my life, I relaxed. You don't even know how much I'm thankful for that." 
—Adult Windows Participant

Releasing the Past
"I was able to let go of the revenge. I thought I had to carry that with me forever, but now I know I don't have to. It feels good, like I don't have to be mad at my dad anymore."
—Children's Windows Participant, age 11

Building Confidence
"I was strong when I went to get help for my mom when my dad was beating her. I am even stronger now because I won't live that way anymore."

—Children's Windows Participant, age 8

Developing Hope
"This workshop helped me to envision a future for myself and my children that is beautiful, full of possibilities and happiness."
—Adult Windows Participant

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